Thursday, August 13, 2020

Meet &Greet, Party, Contests & More contests!

 Hello dear Chotopians!

As always, I've got some cool news for you!

Firstly, today we will have a MEET & GREET! I'm excited to meet you, our great community, with agents and moderators! We will play whatever you wish! And by the way, every participant will win 25,000 bugs!

Also, we're having a Party on Sunday, August 16th at 7PM Cho-Time. Make sure to meet us at the beach!

And we're having two contests running till Sunday, August 16th!

First one is sweet battle and the second one is a CMV Contest! I've got an example how your CMV could look:

Cya Soon

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Events, Partys and Contests!

Hello dear Chotopians!
Sorry that I haven't posted in a month. I wanted to tell you some news and whats up in Chotopia!


I've got some great news for you:
We're having a party on Sunday, July 19th at 7pm Cho-Time! The theme is: Chotopian heroes! Dress yourself as your biggest chotopian hero and win amazing prizes with your outfit!
Looking forward to see y'all at the party!

Agent events:

We had some Agent Events! Our Elite-Agent Megs did a Nicho-Agent event and I did an Agent event where we played Cow Mission! Make sure to join the next agent event! 
What could it be?


We had a creative contest: Draw a summer-picture. The winner was: Speedy2!
Congrats and here you see his awesome drawing:
Another contest began: Coins Rain! Make sure to join. The boards are open until July 19th. 
Aaaand, there's a Comic Contest running at the moment! I've already done my entry and I'm showing you how it COULD look like:
I hope you like it:) This contest is also open until July 19th.  You can find the template here

Journalist program:

The Journalist program is open again: Here you can find the guide for the journalist program. Good luck to all participants! 

I hope you're all feeling well. I can't wait to see you on Chotopia

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Cholympics, contests and agent event!

Hi dear Chotopians!
I've got some news for you!
Yesterday our Cholympics started! Our moderators prepared a great Schedule for you
You've got the chance to join a daily contest and join parties, agent events and creative contests! 
Here's the great schedule Jas created:

Good luck to all participants!
Secondly there's a new contest starting:
The contest called "My friend book" is an old contest from the german version of chotopia, years ago.
I made a little example how it COULD look :) I hope you like it!
And the last news are: I'm gonna host an Agent event on thursday, the 18th of June, at 6PM Cho-Time!
We will meet at academy street and play sliders! Can't wait to play with you!!

Friday, June 12, 2020

I am back!

Hello dear Chotopians!
I'm glad I can tell you that I'm back from taking a break from chotopia!
I will try to make this blog alive again :)
I hope you all are doing fine!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Events and contests!

Hi Chotopias!
I've got some news for you :)
First of all: 

We will have a huge party tomorrow at 5PM Cho-Time and we will start at shop square:)
The theme for the party will be : AGE 0. So put out your old clothes, and party with us :)

Next one is; We will have  an agent event on sunday, the 5th of April :) 
Choobaca55 will host it at 6pm Cho-Time and we will play Tug'n'war! Looking  forward for this event :D I'm sure we will have much fun with our Elite-Agent Choobaca55, who also is the MOST ACTIVE CHOTOPIAN of month March! Congratulations :)
Then, we are having some contests running!
Palm painting contest is still open until 4th of April, and an Easter Postcard contest!
You 've got time until 11th of April to create an Easter-themed postcard! 
As I know, some of you are very very creative, so I'm looking  forward who will win and see your entries ! 
Here is the postcard template:
Good luck to everyone participating :)
Also you can show your talent in the blog art competition! 

I hope you're all healthy and good :)

Monday, March 23, 2020

Contests, Winner, Events and Partys!

Hey Chotopians!
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while! 
Here are the latest news:
As you know there has been an agent event on saturday We played checkers and had a little party with Antonio! It was much fun and I‘m so glad you all came. Thanks to everybody participating! Here are some pictures:

Hopefully, you won‘t miss the next time we‘re having fun together! 
The winner of the checker's competition was: Iswerve! Congratulations to your good checker's skills; you'll receive a checkers shirt in a selectable color of your wish,  2 days of citizenship and 5.000 bugs!

Chotopia is also opening a new contest: Space Racing!
Its open from 23rd of March to 29th.
And here are some older news:
We had a pet party!
Look at those pictures, it was fun!

These awesome pictures were took by Bebot

And I uploaded a new CMV

I hope you're all well. Stay healthy ! 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

News, Photos, videos and Agent Event!

Hey Chotopians
As always I've got some news for you
As you know we had a st. Patricks party!
Here r some screenshots:
It was an awesome party and anna did a quiz about st.Patricks day
Did u know that on st. patricksday about 5,000,000pins of guiness r consumed? Thats huge.
And I made 2 new cmvs:

The next news are we had the event, hide and seek and it was very funny! Congrats to  mcmanus, he was the winner!
Unfortunately I havent made any screenshots, im sorry :/
And as some of you noticed, we've got a new agent... it's me! So I will try to host an agent event:
We will play Pictionary on Saturday, March 21st, 8PM Chotime. We meet at the Citizen underground!
I hope you're all well!

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